Sustainability for Oderda Film Srl

The necessity of safeguard balance environmental the productive world is increasingly interested. The vocation for design, which has distinguished us over the years, continues to have how primary goal the development of formulations that go in the direction of a circular economy .
Our customers are also committed to this just and difficult challenge and together with them, we work in search of innovative solutions for a world more sustainable .

Our commitment in this regard is all-round: from the identification of new resins to reduce the materials introduced into the environment , to the development of products that can facilitate the operations of recycling , in search of new materials bio-based , biodegradable is compostable able to overcome the existing application limitations.

Research and collaboration with raw material suppliers allows us to to develop solutions that allow you to limit the impact our materials have on environment , reducing the thicknesses with the same performance and minimizing the volumes placed on the market.

The optimization of the recovery he was born in recycling of materials is a challenge that sees us working side by side with our customers in search of innovative solutions. Oderda Film Srl undertakes to evaluate the functional requirements of flexible packaging, rethinking and redesigning them, in order to make them more and more recyclable. A strong attention is devoted in this sense to the continuous development of the so-called mono-materials intended as films made from a single resin or a single family of resins, easy to recycle, and able to guarantee excellent technical characteristics commonly found on multilayer materials.

Last but not least is the use of materials biodegradable or coming from renewables . These products place Oderda Film Srl at the forefront of environmental sustainability.